Covid-19 – We are not helpless!

The corona virus is known to affect people with poor immune systems or an underlying condition. There are several things that can be done to strengthen our immune system and reduce the chance of getting infected, besides social distancing, hand washing, etc. It will also help us actively improve the body’s ability to cope with the virus in case of infection.

🍎 Nutrition – It is advisable to provide the body with all main food groups, from high quality sources, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (whole rice, quinoa, buckwheat…). Legumes (Chickpeas, broad bean, beans, lentils, peas… The isolation could be a little more fragrant, but The main thing is health), almonds, nuts and seeds. It is worth choosing an easy-to-digest diet that will allow the body to invest more resources in the immune system, which means fewer animal based foods and more plants based foods.
Sugar is known to weaken the immune system, so reduce as much sweets as
possible, pastries, white flour, etc.
Animal fats and plant refined oils encourage inflammation. It is advisable not to consume fried or rich in oil foods. It is recommended to use mainly high quality, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil.
Eat as many fresh foods as possible. Try to avoid industrial and processed foods.
Chemicals, food colours and preservatives will increase the burden on the liver, while fresh and natural food, will improve its ability to filter pathogens and maintain our health.
Prefer organic foods, free of pesticides and other toxins.

Drinking – It is very important to drink plenty of water. It improves the body’s ability to clear toxins, improves digestive system activity and provides an optimal environment for organ function. In winter we tend to drink less, many people are regularly in the state of the sub-dehydration which severely impairs the resilience of the body.

😴 Sleep – It is more important now than ever to sleep well. About 7-8 hours of sleep for an adult. When our sleep is poor, we have trouble concentrating, tend to be more nervous and hungry. Room temperature of 16-20 degrees, quiet and full darkness, contribute to better and deeper sleep.

🏃♀ Engaging in exercise – walking, cycling, dancing, stretching etc. Our bodies are designed to move. Exercise and full range of motion have an effect on the proper functioning of the body’s systems.

Stress management – Stress impairs our immune system function. The Corona virus invites quite a few fears, concerns and pressures. Breathing exercises, meditation practice, physical activity, soothing inner discourse, the belief and understanding that there are things that cannot be controlled. Just trust the universe, the Creator of the world, the karma, etc. to keep us safe and free. Paint mandalas, listen to good music, write, draw, do yoga, read, cook, any activity that you know that attracts your attention and awareness and calms you down.

🤣 Laugh and smile a lot! – Stay in touch with friends who always make you laugh, watch funny movies, read funny group posts on Facebook and whatsApp. Smile a lot in video conversations with co-workers, in conversations with family members, to a neighbour who goes out for a walk with the dog, people in line at the supermarket. Conserve positive and vital energy, it greatly boosts the immune system.

⛈ Maintain proper body heat – dress according to the weather.
Ventilate your room, home, office, clinic, classroom, or wherever you are. Ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

Adopt a positive attitude! – whatever is meant to happen, will happen! We have no control over it, but we have control over our interpretation of reality. You can think, “I’m sure I’ll catch the Corona virus and that’ll be the end of me”, concentrate on all the people Who died/ in severe condition due to the virus, and immerse yourself in fears and anxieties or think, “Maybe I’ll get the Corona virus, I’ll do what I can to prevent it, but I believe that my body can handle it. I will be okay”. The approach chosen will determine how we experience these extraordinary times, how we feel,
and will affect our mental and physical resilience.

If you have read up to this point, then you will know that the recommendations are relevant with Corona or without 😍

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