The nymph

She was a catamaran with a magnificent sail, creating in her good old days, a pleasant and quiet noise as she proudly cut through the calm lagoon water. Until he arrived. The hurricane that lifted it fiercely from the water, far and high in the air and threw it effortless to the ground. She broke in pieces ,abandoned.

Days later, Jose found her two skis, he hooked them up with 3 power poles also uprooted by the storm, and metal safety rails, that were flung by winds on the side of the roads. The roof was built of prefabricated house parts, made of metal embracing insulated material. They were all scattered, left in the chaos after the houses were demolished.

He revived it, with great love and dedication, the “Nymph.” One and only pearl, you will not find such beauty in the entire lagoon.

Today we got to hire it and Jose, for a day of pure pleasure. And for magical moments the Nymph was all ours. We hiked between the Snout Emerald, the Black Snout, the Birds Island and the Pirate Canal. We jumped and swam in all the unimaginable shades of blue. We stopped to apply some mineral mud, stinked like a rotten egg, and ate a lot of the fruits. We jumped from the roof to the water when it was deep, layined in the sun and shade, on the mattresses and hammocks, savoring the breeze and never stopped admiring.

It was one of the most wonderful days in Mexico. “The Nymph” was today more beautiful than ever, perfect and wonderful with all its battered patches, all the painful parts of history that made it together, wonderful, just the way it is.

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