I’m so glad you found your way to my site.
Most of you got here following my book “The Red Detox Diet” Or my workshops and lectures, and already know a little more about the way I chose to live my life.

One of the principles that leads me along the way is the belief that our relationship with our bodies is like a (couple) relationship. One partner can not be expected to give all the time without limits, while the other side only accepts and contributes nothing to the partnership. In such cases we get an ill relationship that usually does not hold for long.

We demand more and more. We want our body to allow us to hike, climb, swim, dance, ride a bike. To live life to its fullest, with no restrictions, no aches, no inhibitions. We demand more physical strength, more thinness, more muscular and shapely body. demand more working hours, brighter hair and no wrinkles. But we do not take care of our body in return. We do not eat nutritious and balanced food, and prefer processed fast food, rich in fats, sugars and salt, which does not contain essential nutrients. We do not engage enough physical activity, we do not like our body, sometimes even hate it. We are not attentive to our emotions, we are not listening to the body’s signals when something is wrong, skipping meals, dieting or eating uncontrollably, not sleeping enough hours at night, not drinking enough water etc. We can not expect our body to keep up with these demands without taking care of it in return.

In my book, workshops, and lectures, I teach how to listen to the body. To learn what it loves, what pleases it, what strengthens it and what hurts it. I teach how to love your body and care for it, so that it can love back, help you fulfill your dreams and meet your needs.